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The Computational Imaging Lab at Portland State University designs next generation cameras and imaging algorithms. We are a diverse team of individuals with expertise in image sensors, optics, signal processing, algorithm design, computer vision and machine learning.


(June 2023) CASPI: Collaborative Photon Processing for Active Single-Photon Imaging (joint work with UW-Madison) was published in Nature Communications!

(May 2023) Equi-depth photon histogramming work presented at the 2023 International Image Sensor Workshop in Crieff, Scotland.

(May 2023) Webpage for Project EDPHi (Equi-Depth Photon Histograms) is live.

Research Areas

Single-Photon Computational Cameras

Next-Generation 3D Cameras

Resource-Efficient Computer Vision

Acquisition and processing techniques for high-speed single-photon cameras that capture scene information at nano-to-picosecond timescales

High-speed, high-resolution 3D sensing for various applications including computer vision, autonomous vehicles, industrial robotics and remote sensing

Computational camera design from the ground-up for resource-constrained computer vision applications that require low power, low bandwidth and low cost

Contact Us

We are located in the Department of Computer Science at Portland State University.

Department of Computer Science

Attn: Atul Ingle

Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751 USA


We are grateful to the following funding agencies for supporting our research.


US National Science Foundation

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